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      1. Culture


        We are the team members have a common goal.
        We are entrepreneurs in 80s and 90s.
        We are a group of vigorous young people passions .
        We hope your products can launch into Chinese market through our productive works.
        We hope to help you break if the barriers of regulations through our experienced techiques.
        We hope to save time and cost for you through communication and coordination.

        We are dedicated to the registration imported and domestic for the device, IVD product and cosmetic.
        We are specialize in clinical trials of medical devices and IVD products.
        We can registrate medical devices for the client of Korea, Taiwan, the United States,
        Europe and so on.
        As we get learning and growthing, continuously we can do much more for you…

        Since two people in 2008,nowadays we have over 100 employees, so that we have more confidence that we can do better than what we said.

        We Love Maris


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